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The HOT SHEET is a product of The Printing Press, Ltd., 143 Gaylor Lane, Charleston WV 25312.
DIRECT MAIL MARKETING ... More affordable. Way easier. Scorching!
• Get your message into the hands of potential customers, including new residents and past customers.

• Reach local neighborhoods around your business.

• Connect directly with customers. There's no envelope or magazine to open.

• Give customers a tangible message - something they can feel, keep,and refer to.
Turn up the HEAT... for a small investment!
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The HOT SHEET is a hugely oversized postcard (15"x12") that's sure to be seen! The front features one or two eye-catching promotions, and the back is full of amazing offers, announcements, and coupons.

The HOT SHEET opens doors!

It opens the door to every consumer household and business in a given area. This type of saturation mailing was previously only available for rural routes. The rules have changed!

  • Target specific areas by zip code!
  • Mail to every address!
  • No mailing list is required!
  • No database to manage or pay for!
  • You save time and money!